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Food Power

Eating and cooking delicious food is one of my favorite activities. I'm not ashamed to say that I get some of my greatest enjoyment in life from the meals I devour. But I've come to realize that food is power. Food has the ability to shape who we are and change the world. The choices we make when it comes to our diet and nutrition can make or break us, and right now, those choices can help shape the world into a better place, and perhaps even save it. In a sense, every time that we eat, we are casting a vote for our own future, and the future of our planet.

But this isn't a food shaming diatribe. I truly believe in the freedom of choice when it comes to food. Experimentation, exploration, and diversity are the spice of life. However, in today's world, where information is available at the touch of a thumb, knowledge is also power, and the truth about food can be easily distorted. If you've read my blog before, you know that I adhere to a whole food plant based diet. I am convinced, by the magnitude of scientific evidence based information, that it is the healthiest diet for human beings. You know the drill: fruit, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Sounds simple, right? The truth is that to receive all the benefits of this diet, or nutrition plan, or lifestyle (whatever you want to call it,) you have to work hard. You have to plan hard. And you have to resist the messages and images that you are blasted with everyday as you drive by billboards, turn on your TV, or dine in a restaurant. But believe me, it get's easier, especially when you feel the tidal wave of change roaring inside you. Momentum can take you places you've never been, and habits that you think will never die can disappear under the weight of your new found energy.

Look around our world today and it's changed so much in the last decade. The power of the dollar is on full display in our supermarkets as plant based alternatives flood the shelves. There is a hunger out there to better our bodies, cause less suffering in the world, and reduce the impact of factory farms that can lead to exactly the kind of pandemic that we are in a battle with right now. I don't want to sound too radical, but I really believe that meat and dairy are dangerous. They are the cigarettes of our age. The warnings are coming too late, and those that we trust are afraid to tell us, but the science backs this up. Let me reiterate that I'm not screaming from the mountain top to guilt people who like burgers and milkshakes. I enjoyed these food for most of my life! But now I'm trying to turn the tide for myself, to reclaim the "temple" of my body, to take back what influence I have over my health destiny. I'm writing this to encourage you to do the same, if that is what you want or need, and to tell you that we need each other if we are going to succeed in this awesome journey.

Retraining ourselves to cook differently, to alter our habits, and to exercise more, can inspire a new purpose in our lives. I can't tell you how much and how frequently I rely on the inspiration of others to stay focused on my path to better health. I've had whole months at a time where I gave up hope that I would ever find the resolve to try and accomplish my goals. But I eventually found the strength inside me to start back up the mountain. I sought out more resources to pump me up, watched lectures by leading plant based nutritionists, found new delicious recipes to try, visited my local produce stand to fill my fridge, and put one good day of healthy eating in the books. It has to start with one day, one change, one choice. Who knows? Maybe today will be your day.

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