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Back on the Horse

My kid likes to poke fun at me for yelling at joggers. But let me explain. I know, it sounds downright embarrassing and possibly criminal. First thing you need to know, I don't open the window. Secondly, I am only yelling encouragement. Perhaps I need to extrapolate a bit more. You see, I get a dose of encouragement when I see someone sweating away, dragging their feet up the sidewalk, earbuds in, with that look on their face that says, "why did I do this?" I live that everyday. Maybe I am not out there jogging (terrible shin splints,) but I am always feeling that push and pull between the "easy way out" and the "long hard road to fulfillment." And one of the things that I have to remind myself is to get back on the horse.

Man, do I fall off a lot! I skip my work out. I forget to take time to play guitar and write. I eat a pint of ice cream at 11pm watching the first season of Star Trek Next Generation for the 13th time. But what is the alternative to getting up and trying again? I guess it's "giving up," and that leads to misery, hopelessness, and a very long list of "what-ifs." I've been down that road before and I didn't enjoy it, and to be honest, I didn't like myself very much during those times.

So, if you happen to see me driving down the road, and you can't read lips, it might look like I have some serious anger issues. But actually, I'm probably saying, "You got this! Keep up the hard work! Don't give up, you're almost there!" I will admit, my daughter has a point. It is...kind of weird. But if you know me at all, you are already aware that I'm not too worried about that. I'm just trying to get back on my horse, in my own strange way.

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Ken Hall
Ken Hall
Sep 18, 2019

The faint sound you might be hearing through the screen here is "Ride em cowboy!"

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