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Combining his wry perspective with the roots and Americana music that he loves, singer/songwriter Kevin Bilchik can make you laugh, smile, cry, and tap your toes, all in under four minutes.  "I was a writer first. I didn't know I wanted to sing until I started putting my words to music," says Bilchik. "When I perform my songs, it's like taking a tour of what I've learned about life in the past 20 years."


Bilchik’s songs range from upbeat rhythm and blues tunes about love found and awkwardly lost, to introspective folk songs about the pit falls, and rewards, of life and family. With his precise and soulful rhythm on the acoustic guitar, Bilchik guides each song with energy and purpose, with an intent to draw the listener in to his lyrics and music. Listening to Kevin, you are reminded of another time when artists bore their souls in songs and what made them hits was their universal truth.


Kevin currently performs both as a solo acoustic artist and with The Kevin Bilchik Band.

Upcoming Shows

Friday, January 5th


Picasso's Coffee House

1650 Beale Street, St.Charles, MO

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