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If Kevin Bilchik’s music was your last meal, it would be a smorgasbord of styles and traditions, tied together with an undeniable flavor of the blues. Bilchik’s songs range from upbeat rhythm and blues tunes about love found and awkwardly lost, to introspective folk and country songs about life and family.

Born in a city famous for blues music--St. Louis, Missouri--Bilchik explored a wide variety of musical terrain before settling into the musical heritage that his city is known for. The Kevin Bilchik Band came together over time, starting with a two-piece rhythm section, featuring well traveled percussionist R. Scott Bryan and stalwart bassist Eric Warren.

When Kevin heard guitarist Matt Rowland playing a soulful slide guitar on a local radio station, he immediately reached out to Matt to bring him in for a gig, one of many to come.  As luck would have it, Bilchik found the missing piece of his roots and blues sound when he heard saxophonist Charlie Cerpa sitting in with some friends for a jam session.

The Kevin Bilchik Band, in its entirety, debuted not long after, and never looked back.  “Everyone in the band brings his own unique sound to the stage,” Kevin says, “but they are always looking for what the song needs at every moment, and that is what I respect and love about playing with these guys."

"Bilchik is what many would deem a "B-2," devastatingly good but remaining under the radar. The raw nature of his music is what makes Bilchik something different..."-Graham Tucker, The Current, UMSL

"Kevin’s songs and vocal style are a simple pleasure that you want to indulge in again and again. Good songs. Good writing. Good style. I really enjoyed listening to this CD and will certainly add it my collection to enjoy on a regular basis." -Angie Chaney, Vision Music Group Nashville , Roots Music Report

"Bilchik's lyrics, as well as a smooth, stark delivery and composition are reminiscent of artists such as Bob Dylan and Tom Waits at his most folky. Relying on the strength of storytelling, Bilchik’s music is only the delivery system for stories that immerse the listener in vivid imagery and powerful states of mind. Sung in a plain, no frills sandy baritone, there is little to distract you from Bilchik’s tales of the extraordinary in everyday life." -James Dufendach,



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